I’m Director of outreach science and science-fiction films since 2014 specialised in Astronomy & Particle physics. I have won several awards including the “Hubble’s time machine” 2º Prize “Ode to Hubble” 25th. Anniversary ESA 2014 Besides, produced a short science-fiction film “Bow Shock” that has been selected to 12 international film festivals including being nominated for “Best Foreign Short Film”, at the Orlando Film Festival and the special selection for “Light Years Beyond”, ImagineScience Film Festival, New York 2016. The latest documentary is about the Galaxy survey J-PLUS at the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre, Teruel.


After several years of work producing films and doing astronomy time-lapses, I’ve got into landscape photography developing a technique that enhances extreme detail and tridimensionality, out of colour for the most part. My interest now is progress into landscape photography to capture Nature shores and dramatic skies with no ornaments.

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