Jávea/Xàbia RAW 2017-2019

RAW: Unrefined, natural, crude.

The coast of Jávea and its surroundings has a unique shape; its landscape contains a series of small havens where we can experience the pure textures of Nature. The different types of stone are subjected to the elements, the waves and their orientation in the sea, their changing colors and contrasts along with skies that continually evolve. After making several videos in time-lapse format, and navigating around it with a paddle board, I decided to take a series of photographs, which have taken me three years, trying to extract the essence of the textures and the extreme detail of the local Landscape.​

Used to the moving image, I have tried to freeze time in maximum detail so that the viewer can enter the scene without distractions. They are photographs designed in the manner of a painting, where one can go through all the details visually and perhaps be impressed with something of that nature that fills us with energy when we are lucky enough to see it directly.